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Garden Notes on April Fool's Day 2020

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Daily exercise

There is conflicting information about what is and what isn't permissible when it comes to taking our daily exercise.  I refer to walking from our home or walking locally.  If I walk from our home I spend much of the time stepping to one side, with the dogs, to give a good 2 metre plus bit of air space between me and whoever is passing by.  I can do this countless times during a walk because there are so many more people out there, walking, OR I can get in the car, drive a couple of miles, still be local, and walk in glorious isolation around one of my favourite fields.  I never break rules, except the speed limit occasionally, but my argument on this occasion is that as I come in to the high risk category in respect of the pestilence, I am going to be very much less at risk walking around a field where there isn't another soul to be seen, than I am walking from home.  I rest my case.

So, on my first walk at large I had 8 deer and 8 brown hares for company.  Just my kind of wa…