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A surprisingly interesting read

In view of the way things have gone so far, with you know who, I recommend reading the book below, before you get too much older.  We live in interesting times, it would seem, and bearing in mind this was written by Daphne du Maurier in 1972, it makes for interesting reading.
Enjoy.  I did, once I was nearing the end and realised that it was all going to be OK!  Quite a sobering read actually, in between the funny bits.

Goings on in Washington DC

I know it's an awfully big event, with brass bands, bodyguards galore, promises, glitz and glamour, and I do like to try and acknowledge significant events on the running wave, but, really, on this occasion I have nothing to say.  At least, nothing anyone is going to want to read.  Sorry!

A little ray of hope

In the bleak mid-winter, when there seems to be ongoing uncertainty on every level, doesn't this sight offer a wonderfully reassuring message, that the natural world never waivers, always follows its designated path.  It just keeps on keeping on.  Catkins always remind of the nature table at school, when I was about six.  We were told that the catkins were lamb's tails, left hanging on the tree!  Rather unlikely, but we fell for it!
Yesterday morning was beautiful - at last.  Sunshine, relatively mild, no wind (bonus) and the dogs and I had a good walk, part of which was around this field.  Until about ten days before Christmas, it was a sea of Brussel sprout plants.  Looking north, across the grey Firth of Forth to Fife, it is now ploughed and waiting for its next assignment.  

New vistas

With a new year comes new vistas for us.  We have moved - again.  Still not in our own home, but we couldn't stay in a first floor flat for long, not with 2 dogs and a cat.  One day we will have our own place again, but for now we are living a bit closer to Edinburgh, so pastures new for a new year.

Today, the dogs and I had a walk through a cold and frosty wood near East Saltoun.