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Wedding weekend

I've got very behind with the blog, we've had such a busy time since the lead up to our son's wedding, which took place in Darwin, on 13 December.  A group of ten of us flew up to Darwin on 11 December - a four hour flight. Australia is such a vast country, and although much of its interior is red desert, I could see some wonderful patterns in the landscape below us, some are man made, but most are spectacular natural landforms.   The colour of the heart of Australia looks like this!  Beautiful! My two other children travelled from Scotland to celebrate their brother’s wedding.   The two boys hadn’t seen each other for four years, and in fact we had not been together as a family for that time, so it was all eagerly anticipated.  We had a joyous reunion at the airport! This is the wet season in Darwin.   In Australia, that part of the country is referred to as the top end.   Very hot, very humid, and at this time of the year, not a comfortable place to

Simply superb!

Kittie, this post for you!  A superb blue wren.   A well named little fellow!

A favourite haunt

We headed back to St Kilda today, to the allotment site on the old peanut farm.  It's one of our favourite Melbourne haunts.  It's completely bonkers, with crazy bits and pieces stuck in the ground to decorate the plots, but we love it.   But first, the quote of the day. I think these might be apricots, but I am not sure!  They look the wrong shape for peaches, lovely colour anyway. This could be Rosa Mundi.  I love stripey roses, and have one of these bushes at home, in the herb bed. There are some art studios along one side of the allotment garden and I think these hands come from one of those studios!   The plaster cast hands are attached to vines, which run along a path from the street to an undercover area which, today, was producing some rather good cooking smells.  The allotment garden also sometimes serves as a drop in centre, and today they were cooking lunch for homeless people and Aboriginals.  There was a happy, chatty atmosphere as everyone s

The Big Design Market

On Friday we went to The Big Design Market, which is being held this weekend in the wonderful Royal Exhibition Centre.  We've been in that building before - it's spectacular inside. The stallholders are displaying a range of textiles, stationery, homewares, lifestyle and children's goodies - all horribly expensive and all in good time for Christmas!  A must-have, ingenious little number for carting a bottle of wine about! Some rather funky leggings which I would have bought for my eldest granddaughter, if they hadn't been so expensive! Something to please your postman!  Ours would be mumbling furiously under his breathe, in his usual fashion, if he saw one of these down by the five bar!  He might actually be persuaded to use it, instead of dropping packages over the fence! The  I wish I had a little shop   lady makes beads and other pretty things.  I liked the name of her business, and the farmer's daughter makes some very wearable jewellery, us