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Edinburgh Marathon

The Edinburgh Marathon extends its reach to this part of the world, and this morning the dogs and I strolled (feeling somewhat lazy and guilty in view of who we were going to see) down the hill, to watch some of the participants (over 35,000) running out from Edinburgh, and also on their way back.  Stalwart runners, and I have huge admiration for them.  There isn't a hope in hell that I could ever do something like that!  The best I have managed in the past was a half marathon for the Edinburgh Moon Walk!

Gala time

This is the time of year when the communities in East Lothian hold their gala weekends.  Today it was the turn of Port Seton, just down the hill from where we live.  I was there yesterday and loved all the bunting and flags held rigid by the strong wind from the east.  It is all taken very seriously and even Izzy's house, attendant to the flower girls, was dressed up to the nines!   Izzy's front garden. Historically, the weather for gala day in Port Seton is horrendous.  Today they were lucky!  Fine and sunny, (but still a chill wind from the east!)  

A new walk and everyday miracles

I found a new walk yesterday.  Beautiful, open and with great views to Fife in the north.  I love a huge field with a big grassy track all the way around it. Easy, enjoyable walking. As the dogs and I walked, I was revelling in the thought of my two new baby granddaughters. Adorable little things, the youngest  and tiniest being a feisty wee girl - like her mother!  I have been taking their older siblings to see their mum in hospital this week, and it has been a delight to see them jostling to take turns to hold these tiny babies.  They look down at them in wonder - such tiny fingers and toes - perfect little creations.  Walking round the field it occurred to me that we are all so busy accumulating money and possessions that most of our lives are not spent appreciating the tiny miracles of every day life.  A dandelion for example.  When was the last time you really looked at a dandelion?   And the dandelion dock.  What could be more immaculately designed than this!  And we wa

Happy day!

Here is the evening sun at the end of a wonderful day which saw the safe arrival of my two baby granddaughters!  Congratulations to their amazing Mum, my daughter, and her wonderful partner!  Happy day - hooray!!!

Saturday night sunset

We have had unbroken sunshine today, and the day was rounded off with a glorious  sunset.  Here is the sky at 9 o'clock this evening, looking north west across the Firth of Forth to Fife.

Thursday walk

A good bright day for our walk today, with a cold wind, but in sheltered spots we could feel the heat of the sun.  The dogs and I walked between lovely old established hedgerows of beech, holly, hawthorn and elderberry, interspersed with ash.  Hedges like these are real treasures. Long awaited may blossom is just beginning to come out now. Walking on into more open country, splashes of colour are beginning to show with red campion, golden gorse, and vivid blue alkanet - Anchusa officinalis.     I can't record the flowers of Maytime without including wild cherry.  Simple, beautiful blossoms, and one of my favourites.

A good start to the day

My early morning walk with the dogs today brought some wonderful treats.  A lovely patch of coltsfoot docks, wafts of wild garlic and the tender apple-scented leaves of the sweet briar rose.  The colours in the trees are pretty and fresh and I saw a couple of orange tipped butterflies, flitting around in the gentle sunshine. Back in the garden, the tulip princess is now showing her true colours!

A flying visit

We had an unexpected guest, on a flying visit, today.  A swallow suddenly appeared in the kitchen, having flown in the open front door.  Obviously confused and distressed, because it couldn't find its way out again, bashing against the windows and floundering around (not helped by the dogs), it ended up on the top shelf of the bookshelf in the study.  Finally I managed to catch it and it was wonderful, and a relief, to watch the bird fly off into the blue again.

Saturday afternoon walk

The dogs and I had a gentle Saturday afternoon walk, in lovely sunshine!   Looking ahead and back, lovely soft green leaves of beech, and on towards the luscious yellow of gorse, with its spicy coconutty fragrance.  Love it. And back in the garden, I am keeping a close eye on this little lady.  She will be unfurling into something even more beautiful over the next few days, as we enjoy some long awaited, and very welcome, warmth!

Forget me ..... no chance

My sister was born on 1st May.  She would have been 62 today.  Gone but never, ever forgotten.