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In a colourful vase on Monday

Three year old wallflower plants dominate our tiny garden at the moment.  Their colours are really packing a punch and although my vase this week is small, I took lots of photos of my bunch of flowers, and I couldn't bring myself to leave any of them out of the post!  The colours and the flowers are just glorious!  I have also been enjoying one of my pots of auricula which is full of flower, and the very dark Aldi hellebore!  I hope you enjoy all these lovely ladies as much I am!  Sorry about the number of photos you have to wade through!

Garden notes, mid - late April

The inner garden is certainly full of colour, mostly from tulips and three year old wallflowers!  We are enjoying most of the wallflowers but one or two are going to have to come out!  They are big now, and the yellow colour rather overpowering.  That's the trouble with buying an anonymous tray of Persian Carpet wallflowers in the autumn.  It really is a lucky dip and so when they are planted out there is no knowing how the colours are going to sit next to their neighbour, come flowering time!  I am not keen on the very strong yellow, especially when it rocks up next to a vibrant red tulip!  But in these strange and constricting times, their colour combination is alive and stimulating! I have a real soft spot for this little wallflower.  I love the colour, but most of all I love the fact that it is has seeded itself there, being true to itself (wallflower), it is a self isolating, glorious little plant! And the outer garden, the bed