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Christmas wreath workshop

Fun, fizz and a Christmas wreath making workshop - a great way to spend a Thursday evening in December!  Debbie from East Lothian Flower Farm showed us how to bend and coax fresh willow stems into a circle (not the easiest of tasks) and having established our frame the fun began with the embellishments.  The willow stems, from a local willow farm, were beautiful colours, intensified by the recent frosts.  Chocolate, lime green, coral and wine red.
A very enjoyable start to preparations for Chrismas 2019.

Rhiannon Giddens

Last night I went to see American singer, Rhiannon Giddens, at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.  In the early days of Rhiannon's singing career she was the girlfriend of our American lodger, when we lived in Edinburgh.  She came and stayed with us for a month, during which time she charmed us, sang to us and played her fiddle!  She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, incredibly talented musician, playing the fiddle and banjo (and probably other instruments as well) and her voice will knock your socks off!  She trained as an opera singer but has found her way so far as a folk singer.  I would say that her current concert tour has elevated her profile as folk singer to performer extraordinaire!  It was simply fabulous.  Her co-performer, Francesco Turrisi, was equally phenomenal!

If you find they are in your locality, DO NOT fail to buy a ticket!  Your life will be richer for having heard their performance!  What more can I say.

Cheating slightly in a vase on Monday

Over the past three days we have been under a thick crust of sparkling frost.  Anything I might have picked for my vase today is not looking its best so when I noticed the mid-afternoon, golden sunlight on Saturday, catching the blooms on our Phalaenopsis orchid, it occurred to me that it would make a lovely contribution to today's post.  It is, of course, a pot plant, but sitting below it are the remaining few blooms on some Dendrobium orchids we were given in mid-September.  Didn't they do well!!

A cold and frosty morning

On a sunny Saturday morning, sparkling with frost, the dogs and I walked around our favourite field. There was a satisfying crunch of walking boot on frozen mud and, as always, glorious views to Fife, Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat and the Garleton Hills to the east.

A gleam of sunshine

We have had days and days of grey.  Grey skies, grey mist, grey rain.  The ground underfoot, wherever I walk, is sodden and water logged.  We splash our way up the fairways on the golf course, where the dogs and I walk every morning before breakfast.  So today some blue sky overhead with pale late November sunshine was very welcome indeed.

The dogs and I headed for Gosford for a mid-morning walk.  There are always treats to see there, and todayI found my favourite autumn berry, the shocking pink spindle berry, sitting alongside the snow berry.  There was also a huge amount of water from recent rainfall, rushing along historic water channels, which are normally dry and filled with woodland debris.

In celebration of my sweet peas in a vase on Monday

It is almost December and I have finally cleared away the sweet pea plants, despite a handful of flower buds at the end of two or three green vines.  No bud or fresh flower gets binned by me!  And these flowers, in particular, have been so stalwart and beautiful that I thought the very least I could do, in recognition of their performance into very late autumn, would be to give them centre stage in my vase today.

Home sweet home!

What a magical place to grow up!

A bouquet garni in a vase on Monday

There are very few flowers in the garden now, and the same goes for the hedgerows, so where to turn for today's vase?  I wasn't sure.  However, last night while cooking the supper and feeling in need of some cool fresh air, I opened the stable door and in the cold and dark of the evening I got a spicy whiff of fennel, mixed with curry plant, and that gave me my inspiration for today's vase.  A bouquet garni, a bunch of herbs and fragrant leaves which are defying the dropping temperatures and coming together to give a glorious snapshot of our November garden.  I have put them in my Emma Bridgewater Brixton Spongeware jug.

My vase this week has parsley, fennel, rosemary, bay, rose geranium, curry plant, sage, calendula and French lavender.
PS : Have you noticed who has crept in to the bottom left hand corner of the photo above?