Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Coming up next!

It must be nearly May-time!  Look what's about to burst into bloom.  We leave for Australia this weekend so I am going to miss the May blossom this year, which is a bit of a blow!  The hedgerows always look so wonderful dressed in blowsy white and I love the hawthorn's almondy smell as Tilly and I walk 'round the block' as we call it!  We have just had a wander down the track and along the lanes which bring us back around to the house again.  It will probably be the last chance Tilly and I will have to do that before we set off, although I hope we can get to the beach too before we leave.  I am really going to miss Tilly whilst we are away.

I love this time of year - the colours in the countryside are really amazing.  This was a field of cabbages until a few weeks ago.  Living in East Lothian is a bit like being in a giant allotment - the fields are full of different vegetables!  I will find out what has been planted in this field when we get home at the end of June, no doubt something will be sprouting again by then!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The first post

Welcome to the running wave!

Here I am - up and ....... running!  It's taken a while to get to this point.  I have had this blog rumbling around in my head for a long time.  I read and admire many, many other blogs which give privileged glimpses into other people's lives and their various talents and I thought I would give it a go myself!  I think it will be good fun.

 A little about me before I click on 'Publish' for the first time!  I come from Hampshire but our family has lived in Scotland for the past 16 years.  I have spent my life working for publishers, architects, investment managers and also I had a short spell running and cooking for my own restaurant.  I love flowers, taking photos, reading, drawing, cooking, gardening, walking and especially spending time with my grandchildren, most of whom live next door!  There is one very welcome little new addition to the family in Melbourne, Australia.  We will meet her very soon and the early posts on this blog will be about our trip to the other side of world to see her and her mum and dad.  An exciting time coming up and I can't wait!

The running wave takes its name from the Gaelic blessing 'Deep peace of the running wave to you ...'.  I love to walk on the beach with my dog, Tilly, and it occurred to me one day that it would make a great name for my blog.  I have hundreds of photos of waves and no doubt I will trot them out from time to time!  Some will be from East Lothian beaches and no doubt, before too long, some from Australia and a few others places in between!  

OK, my big moment has come.  It's time to click on 'Publish' but before I do I would like to thank one of my oldest friends at 60goingon16 (who refers to me as Mrs Gaucho, by the way) and also a new friend, N, for helping me set up the running wave.  Love and thanks to you both, and welcome to everyone else!