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Seaweed and sedums

We have had sunshine from dawn until dusk today.  The heavy frost has remained all day, except where the sun has hit the ground.  
The light is fading now and there are pastel bands of colour in the sky, with one stripe of almond green, which I think must be fog on the far horizon.  

On top of the world!

Many congratulations to Andy Murray, winner of the ATP World Tour this evening!  Scotland is now sporting not only the world's number one male tennis player, but doubles player too - and from the same family!  Well done, also, to Jamie Murray and his doubles partner, Bruno Soares.  We are a tiny country on a world stage, but we can still produce the world's best.  Hooray!  


The annual North Berwick firework display, scheduled for Bonfire Night, was postponed because of very high winds.  So we enjoyed it this evening instead.  
The tide was on its way out, so the fireworks were not reflecting in the water, but the wet sand did a pretty good job in picking up the colours shooting around in the night sky. 

A herd of ...... curlews!

There has been a herd of curlews in a field, just outside North Berwick, for the last week or so.  I haven't been able to and photograph them, but have had it in the back of my mind to try, ever since I first spotted them.  The curlew is one of my favourite birds.  I love its outline, the elegant beak, and above all, its call.  It is the eptiome of wildness, to me.

This morning, to my surprise and delight, the curlews more or less came to me.  They were pecking around on the grass in The Lodge, the parkland area of North Berwick, where we walk the dogs.  I returned this afternoon with my camera, to discover they are surprisingly difficult to photograph, as they are constantly on the move!  Anyway, I have one or two snaps of the little herd.  Herd is rather an ugly word to describe such an elegant bird, but still, I hope the rather blurred photos demonstrate what a beautiful creature it is.

Leonard Cohen

I am so sad today to hear of the passing of Leonard Cohen.  Since I was 17, his music has formed a quiet soundtrack to my life.  My mother called it a dirge, but she was from another era!  The soulful words and music of Leonard Cohen are timeless, and I will listen to him, always.

Lest we should ever forget ...

.... and these days, all the more reason to remember them, for, tragically, it goes on and on.
When will we ever learn, this is not the way.

Oh dear - again

As I type Ted has put a reassuring paw on my bare foot.  Bless his heart.  He means well, but I am not sure it is enough to allay the fears brought about by the realisation that the world has to now deal with a President Trump.  Even the two words put together don't sound right.  
I was rather hoping not to be using this photo, but when I saw it, took it anyway - just in case  the day dawned.

Good luck everyone.

Here endeth Friday!

Could you possibly find more colour in one skycape?  I very much doubt it!  What a way to bring a beautiful sunny Friday to a spectacular close.

The circus came to town

Half term is over now, but the week before last I had the (grand)children for a few days of fun and frolics.  We had a happy time, making rocky road, doing a scavenger hunt through the woods and along the beach, drawing in the National Gallery and Museum of Scotland, and as a treat to round our week off, I took them to the Chinese State Circus.  It was a colourful, whirling, somersaulting, skilful, breathtaking display of daredevil precision.  Impressive stuff!