Monday, 4 June 2018

Old haunt revisited

The dogs and I walked round a favourite field this afternoon.  It is on the edge of the wood, where we lived for six years.  I could always be fairly sure of seeing hares in the field, and today I was not disappointed.  I saw five.  They were some distance away, but nevertheless, they made my day!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Blooming marvellous

We have really been enjoying the colours the tulips have brought to the garden this year.  They are all over now and the flowerbed is moving into a new, less showy but equally beautiful phase.  The most spectacular bulbs have been the tulip princess and her four companions.  Here she is on 5 May,
then 7 May, 
 19 May
1st of June, sheltering under an umbrella from a very heavy thunderstorm.  I wasn't quite ready to part with her yet!
Yesterday, 2 June,
and finally this evening, 3 June, with one petal fallen but still sassy and glamorous, and still packing a punch in the flowerbed!

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Edinburgh Marathon

The Edinburgh Marathon extends its reach to this part of the world, and this morning the dogs and I strolled (feeling somewhat lazy and guilty in view of who we were going to see) down the hill, to watch some of the participants (over 35,000) running out from Edinburgh, and also on their way back.  Stalwart runners, and I have huge admiration for them.  There isn't a hope in hell that I could ever do something like that!  The best I have managed in the past was a half marathon for the Edinburgh Moon Walk!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Gala time

This is the time of year when the communities in East Lothian hold their gala weekends.  Today it was the turn of Port Seton, just down the hill from where we live.  I was there yesterday and loved all the bunting and flags held rigid by the strong wind from the east.  It is all taken very seriously and even Izzy's house, attendant to the flower girls, was dressed up to the nines!
 Izzy's front garden.
Historically, the weather for gala day in Port Seton is horrendous.  Today they were lucky!  Fine and sunny, (but still a chill wind from the east!)