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A Colonsay vase on Monday

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Dripping afternoon, post script

The dogs were very short changed yesterday because the rain didn't stop all day so I togged up late afternoon and we set off for the outer gardens of Colonsay House.  We walked around the neglected water gardens and I managed to snap a few photos before my camera got wet and decided it had had enough, and just stopped!  
The giant gunnera, Gunnera manicata, Chilean rhubarb, plants are so huge, extraordinary and rather prehistoric, that I keep taking photos of them, and then deleting most of them them in iPhoto!  However, I have to try and show how enormous these leaves are, and if I say they are slightly larger than the size of a table for two, I hope that gives some scale!  That's just one leaf, and rather surreal.  The other photos show the flower spikes, also huge!

Drippy day 3

My first observation on waking this morning was the silence.  The wind which was roaring around the cottage and through the neighbouring woods last night, had dropped.  Today, at 07.24, a blackbird broke the silence with its first song of the day.  The light levels were low, and it was tempting to lie a little longer, but the dogs would have been checking their watches so I got up to take them out.
We walked down the lane and then it started to rain.  It hasn't stopped since and we have only managed a brief peep at the lovely Kiloran Bay, a short and extremely wet walk, and have now retreated to the cottage and the woodburner.  The forecast suggests a little sunshine later this afternoon.  Time will tell!

Second day of the hols, Friday 12 October

We haven't been to Colonsay in the autumn so I have been looking forward to seeing a new palette of colour throughout the island.  I knew that most of the landscape would be reasonably unchanged because rock is rock, and heathland doesn't vary hugely throughout the year.  But autumn is here and I am hoping to record current Colonsay colours during the course of our holiday week.

This afternoon we parked by the Strand across to Oronsay.  The wind has been so strong today that at times it was extremely difficult to stay upright let alone hold the camera steady!  
We had intended to walk over the sand to a run of small beaches which look across to the islands of Jura and Islay, but the tide had left a lot of water behind and as we did not have our wellies we walked back and along a track in another direction.  We could look back over the Strand to Islay and along the track there were a few unexpected bits and pieces. I found two low growing juniper bushes.  They must have grown the…

First afternoon

Further to this morning's post, we had a slightly treacherous, but still enjoyable, walk this afternoon across to a favourite series of beaches at Plaide Mhor, which I have visited every time we have been to Colonsay.  The walking conditions from the airstrip along a very muddy and stony track were not easy, but I made it down on to the beach while Mr Gaucho sat on a rock, with the dogs, and enjoyed the view out to sea.  I can think of worse places to sit and ponder!
 A glimmer of sunshine across the golf course looking back to the interior of Colonsay.
Something tells me that golf is not a very serious pursuit on Colonsay, apart from which I think there are far better ways of passing the time in this lovely place!  And anyway, there is a very good chance that you would never find the golf ball because it is more than likely it will be swallowed up by a rabbit hole.

Here's the prize!  This is what the skiddy, muddy walk was for.  Nothing between you and Newfoundland beyond th…