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Snowdrop walk

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Monday walk

Lovely sunshine today, but it's blowing a gale.  This morning the dogs and I set off on one of our favourite walks around the huge double-sized field, just south of the village.  It was a bit of a struggle with the wind.  In fact we were buffeted around the field rather than walked!

There are some long stretches of lovely old stone walls around the perimeter of the field.  And, as always, fabulous views across the Firth of Forth, where the wind was whipping up foam crested waves, and the best bit - snowdrops through the woods.  Actually, there was another really good thing - the song of the skylark, high in the blue above.  

A single bloom in my vase on Monday

One of my favourite flowers at this time of year is the hellebore.  If I had the space I would have as many different ones as I could - they have such a beautiful range of subtle colours and markings.  I left a few lovely varieties behind in my last garden.  They sat amongst some epimediums and should have been looking good for some weeks now.

I have had one lovely hellebore in a pot for about four years and it never fails to perform.  I picked a single bloom for today's vase - past its glory but still handsome.  I can't remember where the little green poison bottle came from.  I may have dug it up on my Edinburgh allotment, years ago.  It has been around for some time and the hellebore looks happy enough, sitting in it!

Garden notes, February 2019

There was really very little going on in the garden during January and it wasn't until today, which has been so lovely, that I took a really good look to see how the garden is doing and which brave souls are flowering.  Then I remembered my garden notes posts of last year and thought that it was time to produce the first of 2019.

Here is what I found in our outer garden, and tiny inner garden.  More treasures than I was expecting!

The warmest day of the year so far!

There was quite a frost earlier this morning but when I got back in the car this afternoon, in North Berwick, it was registering 16 degrees C!  I think, once moving, the temperature was more like 13.  Either way, it was a really beautiful day - the best of the year so far!  The dogs and I found a new walk today, with great views - north, south, east and west.
I was pleased to see that they are mending holes in the hedge with new planting.  The hedging along the lane was all hawthorn and I expect that's what they have planted in the all the gaps, as you can in this photo.   Once the hawthorn has grown and matured it will be as big and spready as the single plant below. That will take some decades though!  These hedges will have been around for generations, but as least there are some youngsters coming along behind now.  Delighted to see the farmer cares enough to replenish the hedgerow.  Not enough of them do.
It was warm enough today for the flowers on the gorse bushes to have th…