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Thursday sunshine

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The peace poppy takes centre stage in my photo for Armistice Day today.  No need for any other words.

A celebratory miniature vase on Monday

Cathy at, whose brainchild IAVOM (In A Vase On Monday) it is, has set us a challenge this week, to produce a miniature vase, no bigger than 6"/15cm tall or wide, to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the weekly Monday post.

I have used an eggcup, with egg, to give some scale to my offering this week.  The nasturtiums have survived a couple of frosts and some cold nights, but possibly not for much longer.  I picked the smallest flowers I could find to fit in a tiny porcelain vase, which is almost completely spherical with a circular off-centre opening.  It was made by a friend from long ago, Ingrid Atkinson, who I have not seen for about thirty years.  She used to live and work as a ceramicist in West Meon, in Hampshire.

The flowers may be small, but they still pack a colourful punch!
We also have another tiny porcelain vase made by the late Austrian-born British ceramics artist Lucie Rie.  Today's challenge seemed too good an opportun…

Wednesday walk

Today, with the welcome accompaniment of some sunshine along some of the way, our walking group walked from Yellowcraigs, near Dirleton, along the John Muir Way to North Berwick, and then back along the beach, to complete a big circle.

It was a lovely walk and we all enjoyed the respite from the endless rain of the past days.  Evidence of the effects of the volume of rain pouring off the fields and coursing down and out to sea can be seen in the photo below, where the sand has been cut away to the depth of about five feet.
 The oystercatchers were enjoying the spoils of a receding tide!

An autumnal walk

I think this autumn is one of the most colourful I can remember.  The colours in the beech trees, silver birch, field maple and wild cherries, in particular, are spectacular.  Rich and glowing, especially in the gloaming of grey and rainy days we have had in the last week or so.

The dogs and I had another peaceful walk through the grounds of Gosford House on Monday afternoon.  It is such a tranquil place and I really enjoy the reflections of the trees in the lakes.
The water courses through the grounds were full to brimming and gushing along, as the water made its way out to the nearby sea.
 Green sputnik!

Falling apart in a vase on Monday

No leaf was harmed in the production of this vase on Monday!  They just fell apart all by themselves.  Fragile ruby red stems of leaflets from the rowan tree in our garden, glorious robust butter yellow and gingernut coloured leaves from one of my witch hazel bushes, and the delicate graceful leaves of silver birch.  They have all come together for my vase this week, and I feel they should be viewed with a sound track, so here is the link to Eva Cassidy singing Autumn Leaves.'s all very melancholy, but however glorious autumn may be to the eye, it always brings a melancholy feeling to the heart.  Another year moving towards its close.

Garden notes at the start of November

A very soggy start to November, but there is still some colour in the garden, and a few little snapshots of summer hanging on for dear life, even a couple of sweet peas!
In the outer garden autumn is very much in evidence, with fallen leaves everywhere.  Lovely colours of marmalade and mahogany.  A beautiful time of year, and wet weather seems to intensify the colours.