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A vase on Monday looking ahead

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Back in the land of Brexit maybe,

but the memory of Australia lingers on.  The warmth and thoughts of family and friends left behind.  Here is a last selection of photographs from this trip, taken during the course of last week, when I visited Prahan Market off Chapel Street, walked my granddaughter to school when we saw colourful cockatoos in the bottlebrush trees, recorded a playground rainbow since washed away by rain, and finally revisited South Melbourne Market - one of my favourite places on the planet.  And then, after a fourteen and a half hour night time flight from Melbourne to Qatar, a distant glimpse of Doha from the plane before taking off for Edinburgh, the happy sight of North Berwick below seven hours later, and finally the three bridges across the Firth of Forth as we came into land, safely home.

A vase on Monday

Hot colours in my vase this week, although very cold temperatures outside!  I am preparing this post in a sweltering 38 degrees C in Melbourne, and know that I will be travelling back to very chilly Scotland at the weekend!

I bought this bunch of Australian native flowers for my daughter-in-law as an early wedding anniversary treat.  I will be home by the time that celebration comes round next week.  The colours are hot, rich and lovely.  Kangaroo paw, wax flower, grevillea, leucadendron and (I think) a fine leaved gum.