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Garden notes, mid July

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Yesterday was Monday, the start of a new week.  Hot and sunny, and I had an appointment at the garage where the car was to have its tyres rebalanced after a recent puncture.  It was a waiting appointment, but on arrival I learnt that it would take an hour and a half for the mechanic to do his work.  The dogs and I saw an opportunity for a good walk.

Most of our walks are in the countryside so the dogs always relish a wander along an urban pavement.  Different smells and a change of scenery.  We were in Haddington, our small county town, which has quick access to the countryside.  We walked down a few side streets, past substantial red sandstone houses, across a playing field, and past the primary school.  I cast my mind back about ten years when I would stand in the school playground, waiting to collect my two eldest grandchildren at the end of their day.

Down to the weir on the River Tyne.  I stood and watched a mallard duckling, preening its young feathers, and then a moorhen with h…

Three vases on Monday

The sweet peas are looking and smelling delicious, so with no further ado here they are, in two vases this week.  In my third vase I have a couple of modest little beauties from my raised bed.  There is the adorable field pansy, and if you have never looked closely at the flower of rocket, the salad leaf, I include it here because it is extraordinarily intricate and I think it is very beautiful.

Garden notes

Garden notes over the first two weeks of July, during which time the rose Gentle Hermione and the Regale lilies both came into their own.  Months of preparation on their part, culminating in glorious displays of fragrant blooms and then along comes heavy rain and winds, which have left all these beauties looking rather fragile and battered, but still beautiful.