Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Goodbye to all that!

It would seem, from the ground frost that greeted us on our early morning promenade around the field on 31 August, that summer has definitely had it - if it ever had 'it' in the first place.  This year I think that is pretty questionable!
It is a beautiful field with great views in all directions.  I have charted a year in the life of this field and, if I can retrieve the photos from my old computer, I will be able to post them here.  It's quite fun to see how the field spends its time!  
In the meantime, it's harvest home around here.  The field across the road from the one above is now getting the chop.  Soon these two will be full of giant cotton reels of straw!
With the end of summer the light has changed.  The early morning sun on the trees in the wood now has a touch of gold.
I love the tawny colours of early autumn, 
and all the different seed heads.  The soft thistle down is beautiful!  The children love to blow it as we walk back home from the school bus in the afternoon!

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