Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All washed up

The beach is one of my most favourite places.  It is different every time I visit.  The tide brings in all sorts of interesting flotsam and jetsam.  Occasionally, after particularly high tides when the sea swell is enormous and powerful, there are some incredible things washed up on the beach and dumped at the edge of the dunes.  

Don't underestimate the size of this massive chunk of wood.  I would love to know where it came from.  I think it might be a bit of jetty or a piece of pier.  It is very hefty indeed and rather beautiful, especially with its faded orange knot of rope embedded in the middle plank.
The driftwood (such a romantic word if you think about it) often combines with other debris on the beach to create some amazing pieces of artwork.  The following pictures have been taken over a period of time but even if I had photographed them all this morning, you can be sure that these creations are only fleeting and will be washed away on the next tide.

The first photograph makes me think of native American Indians.
 I think this skeletal stem may once have been a hogweed plant.  Only guessing!
 Seaweed, not a tadpole!
 A beautiful seashore abstract.  
 This was a big, interesting chunk of tree trunk with a large rock embedded in it.
 A tangle of fine roots.
Is it an oxen, is it sheep - no it's a bit of old wood.  Looking at it again, I think it's a two faced bit of old wood!

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