Saturday, 27 July 2013


There's a little clue as to where I have been during the last fortnight.  That's pretty much all the Spanish I have picked up, apart from 'grassyarse' of course.  We have been away with our daughter and her four children and they totally clocked that one!  Our son-in-law joined us once The Open had closed.  It was held just up the road from home so that was a major event not to be missed.  Meantime, in Spain lots of flopping in and out out of the swimming pool and loads of sunshine which has been great.  

There was no wifi in the villa hence no blogging and the only contact with the outside world has been via my daughter's iPhone.  

I have a mass of photos to go through and I am looking forward to picking out my favourites to post here.  In the meantime let me share a little of the jungle we have come home to!
Lovely hot Scottish sunshine and a certain amount of rain and watering on the part of friends has resulted in a veritable explosion of growth in the garden.  I have just spent nearly an hour picking sweet peas, purple French beans, peas and staggered in under the weight of a number of courgettes who have grown up to become marrows.  Remind me not to go away in July again!  
It's the local airshow this weekend.  It takes place a couple of fields away at the site of the Flight Museum.  It started at 10 am this morning and I was about to comment on the fact that we had heard not a peep nor seen any air activity when, out of nowhere, our world was torn asunder by the loudest noise I have ever heard.  Not so high in the skies above the house a huge jet, a Typhoon combat aircraft, has been doing an acrobatic routine.  Absolutely terrifying.  My daughter's Labrador has taken herself off to the dark and refuge of our walk-in wardrobe.  Even Mr Gaucho, who is profoundly deaf, appeared to find out what the commotion was.  Holy moly, that was not a peaceful start to the weekend!  And there will be more I have no doubt.

I will be back in due course with photos of sunny Spain.  In the meantime thank you for visiting therunningwave while I have been away.  I will try and make up for the lack of content very soon!

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