Saturday, 26 December 2015

Northern Lights

There are a couple of things I mention here on a regular basis - Radio 3 and the Northern Lights.  Radio 3 I listen to most of the time, these days, and the Northern Lights are a phenomena I keep missing in the night skies - grrrrr.

However, over the month of December I have been wallowing in the most glorious collection of music, words and images (conjured up in my imagination), by Radio 3's focus on the Northern Lights, which has involved the music, composers, myths and legends, sights and sounds of the very far north of our planet.  They have visited Lapland, Greenland, Iceland, the north of Norway.  It has been just fabulous.  Dark, mysterious, expansive, magical, remote, sparkling, snowy, and wonderful are just a few ways to describe the things the BBC has brought into our home over the last three weeks.  Initially it was going to be a series of programmes to celebrate the Finnish composer, Sibelius, and then it snowballed (sorry about that!) from there.  

Hopefully, with some time on your hands between Christmas and New Year, you can dip into some of the programmes here  You won't be sorry!  I have loved everything I have heard.  It's been a complete joy and a real Christmas treat.

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