Sunday, 24 July 2016

Two wonders of the world

It's extraordinary to me, how one day can bring so much.  Today I had two unforgettable experiences.  The first was to meet our youngest grandson, not yet one day old.  How wonderful to be able to be with him, on his very first day on this crazy planet.  
It makes me realise how much we have missed by not yet seeing our little eight week old grandson, who lives in Melbourne.  We watch him growing and changing weekly, via Skype.  It's a cracking invention, but not like being able to be there with him in person.  I hope it is not too long before we can manage to do that.

The second amazing thing was to go on a trip around the Bass Rock.  David Attenborough described it as one of the wildlife wonders of the world, and it sits just three miles off the coast of North Berwick, which is barely five miles from here.  The gannets swoop and swirl around - all 150,000 of them.  It really is an extraordinary sight.  We also had a chug around the little island of Craigleith, which is home to all sorts of seabirds including puffins.  Today I saw puffins for the first time!  Delightful little birds which always remind me of clowns!  There were hundreds of them, bobbing about on the water and flying around the island.  
All this in one day!  

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