Sunday, 18 September 2016

A weekend away

We have been away for the weekend!  Only five miles from home, but friends invited us to stay, so we did!  

I love the British seaside.  We do it so well, and nothing much has changed in the sixty plus years since I first set foot on a beach!  Windbreaks, buckets and spades, sandcastles, ice creams, looking for shells, flotsam and jetsam, poking about in rock pools and the seaweed, crabbing, burying some poor soul up to their neck in sand, flying kites, portable barbecues, and lots of messing about on the sand and amongst the running waves.

On Saturday the sun shone brightly, all day long.

Five musketeers, waiting to jump the next best wave to break over the sea pool wall!
My favourite washing line!
If you look carefully, beyond the washing line, you can see a boy jumping off the harbour wall, into the water - a favourite sunny day activity for North Berwick youngsters!
Sunday dawned blue and sunny, but the grey from the west eventually moved in, leaving the sun to struggle through the clouds, but that did not deter the determined beach lovers.
Same washing line, different clothes.
And finally, the sun sets on a lovely relaxing weekend in North Berwick.  

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  1. What a truly lovely day at the beach! Yummy ice creams from the man in the lovely van..I remember those.
    We went to the beach too. We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday...walk at beach followed by coffee and cake. Bliss!
    Love to you xx