Friday, 11 November 2016

Leonard Cohen

I am so sad today to hear of the passing of Leonard Cohen.  Since I was 17, his music has formed a quiet soundtrack to my life.  My mother called it a dirge, but she was from another era!  The soulful words and music of Leonard Cohen are timeless, and I will listen to him, always.


  1. "Alleluia" is so special. RIP Leonard Cohen.

    1. Another little bit of our youth gone. But his words and music live on, thank goodness! I never managed to see one of his concerts. The closest I got was to sit on the pavement at the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, a good few years ago, when he held a concert on the castle esplanade. The strains of that memorable voice carried down the street to where I sat, and I am glad that I managed at least to hear him live, if not to catch a glimpse! A