Saturday, 12 November 2016

A herd of ...... curlews!

There has been a herd of curlews in a field, just outside North Berwick, for the last week or so.  I haven't been able to and photograph them, but have had it in the back of my mind to try, ever since I first spotted them.  The curlew is one of my favourite birds.  I love its outline, the elegant beak, and above all, its call.  It is the eptiome of wildness, to me.

This morning, to my surprise and delight, the curlews more or less came to me.  They were pecking around on the grass in The Lodge, the parkland area of North Berwick, where we walk the dogs.  I returned this afternoon with my camera, to discover they are surprisingly difficult to photograph, as they are constantly on the move!  Anyway, I have one or two snaps of the little herd.  Herd is rather an ugly word to describe such an elegant bird, but still, I hope the rather blurred photos demonstrate what a beautiful creature it is.


  1. Oh you lucky thing, being so close to the curlews. Fantastic photos. I have always been fascinated by them, for the same reasons as you and especially its haunting call.. Used to see them and hear them quite a few times when I lived in Leicestershire, but never in Cornwall.
    I just Googled and found several mentions of Curlew in Looe, which is only a few miles from here, but on reading further, I discovered that all the 'Curlews' in Looe refer to holiday lets!!! Curlew Cottage, Curlew Close, Curlew's Call, etc. Doh!!
    I never knew the collective name for them is a herd - it seems most unsuitable, doesn't it?

    1. I love checking on the collective nouns for birds! There are some fascinating ones, and some birds have multiple ones, especially crows! I always use this website to check
      and there is a lovely list, which fun just to trawl through! I'm going to go back to the park again today, just to see if the birds are still there! They are surprisingly tolerant of people walking nearby, although of course dogs charging through the middle of their group sends them airborne, only to land a little further down the park. Lovely! A

  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thank you so much for posting these. Special birds indeed.

  3. Brilliant photos. I think in the last photo he knew you were taking the photo...poser!!!! xx