Saturday, 10 March 2018

Beloved old friend

I am going to indulgence myself a little here.  Last weekend I lost a beloved old friend.  My cat, Pippi.  She was almost 17 years old, but her eyes were still big and bright, her fur still glossy, and her devotion to me undiminished, but her poor little furry body was wracked with an aggressive tumour which eventually prevented her from swallowing.  We parted last Sunday.  

She came to us as a rescue kitten, but at a time when I was feeling rather low, and from the first moment I saw those big round eyes peeping out from inside my daughter's jacket, we loved each other, and she rescued me!  She had a beautiful coat, with stripy legs, velvet paws, and I had her name in a twinkle - Pippi - after Pippi Longstocking!  I would miss her when I was out at work all day, wondering what she was getting up to as a kitten, home alone!  She would sneak down under the duvet with me and curl up in the crook of my knees, purring all the while, and sleep in the warmth of the bedclothes.  As a young cat she loved to play fetch in the hallway, when I whizzed a pasta shell along the floor.  She would run after it and bring it back to me, to slide again!  She befriended the dogs, rubbing her head under their chins as she passed by.  Every time I sat down, she would jump on my lap, right up until last Sunday morning.  I really miss her, and here's why.

My gorgeous girl

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  1. She’s a beauty and what a lovely friend she made. I’m sure she loved every minute of being with you too. X