Friday, 18 May 2018

A new walk and everyday miracles

I found a new walk yesterday.  Beautiful, open and with great views to Fife in the north.  I love a huge field with a big grassy track all the way around it. Easy, enjoyable walking.
As the dogs and I walked, I was revelling in the thought of my two new baby granddaughters. Adorable little things, the youngest  and tiniest being a feisty wee girl - like her mother!  I have been taking their older siblings to see their mum in hospital this week, and it has been a delight to see them jostling to take turns to hold these tiny babies.  They look down at them in wonder - such tiny fingers and toes - perfect little creations.  Walking round the field it occurred to me that we are all so busy accumulating money and possessions that most of our lives are not spent appreciating the tiny miracles of every day life.  A dandelion for example.  When was the last time you really looked at a dandelion?  
And the dandelion dock.  What could be more immaculately designed than this!  And we walk past them, trample on them, mow them down and generally dismiss them.  Shame on us!
Along the north side of the field there was a long stretch of this plant.  
At first I thought it was a blackberry - an ordinary bramble, but looking at the leaves and general habit that is not right, but I haven't been able positively identify it.  It could be a stone bramble, Rubus saxatilis, although the leaves are rather more rounded at the tips than those shown in the reference books, so I am not sure.  Any suggestions very welcome.  Whatever it is, it's rather lovely!

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