Thursday, 25 October 2012

Autumn numero 2

This is my second Autumn this year!  Australia provided lots of autumnal colour during May and now I am enjoying the gentler, golden colours of October in the northern hemisphere!  Scotland can match the rest of the world with scarlets and but, as I have said before, I love our beautiful tawny colours.  Beech trees are my favourite, any time of the year!
The hedgerows are a tangle of berries and the holly is revving up for Christmas!
We have had some very misty, grey days this week but amid the murk and gloom this stand of rosebay willow herb have really glowed.  Yesterday the sun came out and although the plants still look great, I admired them more in the mist!
On clear days the early morning light is now golden.
And the evening light is soft and rosy.

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