Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Alnwick Garden

My cousin from Devon has been staying this week and because the weather has been pretty good we have been outside most of the time, which has been great!  

On Monday we drove down to Northumberland to visit The Alnwick Garden.  Mr Gaucho and I visited when the gardens were in their infancy and I was mightily impressed by how much has happened since then!  The bamboo and beech labyrinth was fun as was the Serpent Garden with it's amazing water features illustrating all sorts of watery scientific principles.  The visiting troupes of school children were loving them!  
My cousin and I took photos of each other from either side of a curtain of water!  The whirlpool was rather beautiful too.
The Grand Cascade is just wonderful.  It plays a symphony of water every half an hour.  I loved the criss cross water spouts.
There is water performing on a grand scale and also delightful little rills, water bubbling over pebbles and granite and now catching the leaves as autumn begins to kick in.
There is so much to see and admire.  I will let the images speak for themselves!  We loved it and I am hoping to go back soon to visit the Treehouse, which is great fun!  No photos of that though, my camera battery ran out, so more of that another time.

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