Friday, 6 September 2013

Late summer colour

The weather has definitely changed today!   It's pretty miserable outside but the garden will be welcoming the rain.  Everything is so dry, even the leaves on trees are drooping which I don't think I have ever seen before.  In the fields around here the farmers are harvesting like mad, trying to get everything in before the weekend because the forecast is not good.  

I have tried to keep up with the sweet peas in the garden.  They have been blooming for weeks now and I have lost count of how many heavenly smelling bunches I have picked.  We have had some strong winds over the last week so I have had to put some extra stakes in the ground to stop the cloud of colour from blowing over.  So far so good.
Two or three sturdy sunflower plants have sprung up in the garden, sewn by the birds taking seeds from the feeders earlier in the year.  They have grown in random places but this one chose to grow next to the sweet peas.
I have been blackberrying again and today made some jelly.  Two pounds of beautiful berries plus three cooking apples have made nearly four pounds of gloriously jewel-like jelly.
 A steaming cauldron of luscious colour
bottled to serve as a lovely reminder, later in the year, of a happy time spent picking berries on a hot, late summer's day.

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