Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ling and sprouts

I took the above photograph on our walk this afternoon.  You can see the ever present North Berwick Law in the background.  It would not be an East Lothian landscape without it!  In the foreground is small patch of heather.  Now is its time and the Scottish hills, moors and mountains are softly purple with ling.  I just recalled that ling is another name for heather and I rather like it.  Ling. Wikipedia has a very good entry for Calluna vulgaris (  It's a plant with an interesting history and, in my opinion, produces the best flavoured honey in the world.  Just a whiff from the honey pot and I am transported to the moors.  Delicious.  

We walked past a huge field of young Brussel sprouts.  They are also beautiful plants and quite statuesque.   Tiny young sprouts are beginning to form on the stems, sweet and nutty.  

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