Friday, 22 November 2013

A colourful Friday morning walk

It has been a cloudless blue day today.  The sun has shone from dawn till dusk.  I had some Marie Curie fund raising envelopes to deliver about the parish so I set forth this morning with my trusty terrier and a beloved weekend guest.  We tramped up and down the drive and then on along the track, round the edge of fields and down a grassy tree-lined avenue to cover the area I have been designated.  On such a beautiful day it was a bit of a treat!

Jack Frost danced through the wood last night, leaving his trademark glisten on the leaf litter and undergrowth,
but amid the collapse and decline of this year's growth I spied the promise of the new year with these hazel catkins.
One garden in a steading development we visited had a rose bush in full bloom.  There is something poignant about any flower blooming outside its customary season and these beauties were no exception.  We have a dainty primrose in flower in the garden at the moment!  It's been there for weeks.  In fact it's the same plant I photographed last Easter, covered in snow. We live in crazy times.
There is still plenty of colour in the countryside.  I am enjoying it all, some of the colours are so intense.  In 2011 we had snow on 25 November and it stayed for months, but I have far too much work to do in the garden before it disappears under a blanket of white, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we do not have a repeat performance this year! 

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