Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Frosty morning

We've had a couple of frosts over the last few days but this morning was a real winter wake up call!  Here are a few photos taken early today when I took the children down the drive to wait for the school bus.

This photo was taken by Number Two Grandson who took charge of the camera before I could get my hands on it!  It's a slighty squiffy out of focus image but it has a real feel of the moment and I thought he might enjoy seeing his picture on the blog!  Always good for young confidence.
As we head out of the wood this is our view across the fields to Traprain Law.  It's always beautiful, in all weathers, every light and time of day.
It is such a lovely sunny morning that Tilly and I decided to walk around the stubble field.  The frost was on the chestnut leaves and the remains of the corn stalks reminded me of the little straws we used to have at primary school for our third of a pint bottles of milk.
Photographs are great for capturing moments but I would need a very sophisticated camera to really be able to convey how magical this view was.  The frost was on every stem and the sun shining through gave a wonderful haze of light.  

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