Friday, 3 January 2014

A walk on the wild side

I had a prescription to collect from the surgery this afternoon so I thought I would walk into the village with Tilly.  It's a five minute drive but on foot it takes about 45 minutes.  However, the wind was so strong and it was wet and heavy going underfoot, that I was still walking an hour later!  

On the way we pass a marshy area and today the wind was whooshing through last year's desiccated reeds and rushes.  You can just see their tops being held in a horizontal position by the blast, otherwise I'm afraid the photo doesn't give a real sense of the buffeting they were getting.
A little further on and we put up a large gaggle of geese who were spending the afternoon in a field away to our right.
 That's the top of Traprain Law in the background.  
We certainly blew the cobwebs away and hopefully disposed of a few calories too.  I have acquired rather too many of those over the last week.  More walking is required and I am sure Tilly won't be complaining.

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