Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Signs of life

Tilly and I just walked home from the village.  Despite a forecast for rain the sun was shining, and we had a very enjoyable walk which took us just over an hour.

It was very wet underfoot.  Muddy and mucky.  Despite the fact the countryside is largely still lying dormant I found a few bits to pick.  Some hawthorn twigs with promising little wine-coloured buds and, unexpectedly, eucalyptus. On the south side of the wood there is a plantation of rather randomly chosen trees, including two gum trees.  They look totally out of place and whilst I am not keen on seeing the species growing in the UK because I don't think they belong here, I rather like these two trees.  They bring a little of Australia to my neighbourhood and that makes me feel less remote from my wee Australian princess.   I also picked up some dead ash twigs which I found amongst the grass.  They had some lime green lichen on them which is vivid and beautiful.
It will be some weeks, or even two or three months, before the haze of green appears on the trees and in the hedgerows.  Promise of Spring and new life, but at the end of my walk, on the edge of a field, I found these.  

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