Monday, 10 March 2014

I spy with my little eye ..

an Edinburgh tram!!!!!!!

It was a rare sighting indeed!  A tram on Princes Street, after all these years.  Anyone who knows the city will understand that the sight of a tram in motion on the streets of Edinburgh is almost as unbelievable as seeing a dodo wandering around in Princes Street gardens.  We have spent years and years putting up with massive upheaval in the city centre.  The principal streets of Edinburgh have been dug up, put back and dug up again.  Buses re-routed and then re-routed again.  Routes closed, opened and then closed again.  Shopkeepers put out of business by all the shenanigans, and now finally the project is nearing its completion.

But we won't get too excited yet because the trams are not carrying passengers - just testing!  

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