Saturday, 8 March 2014

Swept off our feet - almost!

The wind today is super-strong.  But the sun was shining, weakly, and Tilly's eyebrows were busy pointing in the general direction of the front door, so I thought we would go to Belhaven beach for a walk.  

When we reached the beach the sand was being blown off the dunes and streaming across the big open expanse towards the sea.  The waves weren't big but the tops were also being blown back, creating a white haze above the water.  
Poor Tilly got completely sand-blasted.  Having got her face wet in the sea she was then  plastered with flying sand and could barely see out.  I lifted her up out of the line of fire and we battled our way back to the car via the dunes and the salt marsh.  It was a totally exhausting experience!

On the way home I could see clouds of pink dust billowing over the fields.  The wind is so strong it is blowing the top layer off the deep red soil.  Unlike other parts of the UK we haven't had that much rain in recent weeks and the ground is beginning to dry out, and the wind doesn't help!

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