Sunday, 6 April 2014

A walk in the woods

When we were in Devon a couple of years ago I found a few wild garlic plants, lying by the roadside - as you do, and I brought them home and planted them in a damp, shady spot in the garden.  They reappeared last Spring and I am delighted to see them again this year, and even better, some tiny seedlings growing alongside.  There is not enough to pick to cook with yet, maybe next year.  However, in Pressmennan Wood, across the valley from us, there is masses of wild garlic, so Tilly and I went for a wander yesterday, complete with carrier bag for a pungent green harvest!

We took a good circular route starting along a track which cuts through the middle of the wood.  There was no-one else around.  The wood was peaceful and the birdsong was wonderful.
The leaves are not on the trees yet so I could see down the steep slope to a small lake below.  
There is a path which turns left, off the track, and winds its way down to run alongside the lake. 
Across the lake an old fallen foak tree languishes in the water.
Before going home I picked a big bag of wild garlic leaves which has now been turned into some delicious pesto, which we enjoyed with tagliatelli last night, and some wild garlic soup for lunch tomorrow!  It was an enjoyable and productive afternoon!

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