Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday walk

Tilly and I had a good walk this morning.  We got a lift to the other side of the village and walked home.  The skylarks endless trilling and twittering high above was constant from start to finish!  A summery sound to accompany us as we walked along in the sunshine.  

Just outside the village there is a pre-historic standing stone in the middle of a field at Pencraig Brae.  This photo isn't of the best quality.  I was using my old camera which has a mental blockage about zooming in on a subject.  Nevertheless I rather liked the presence of the very old and the present day in one photo.  I hope you can see the hazy outline of modern technology in the background, the huge sails of a few wind turbines, and the ancient standing stone in the foreground.  
As well as the skylarks we saw fieldfares, yellowhammers, blackcaps and a couple of hares! A good start to the weekend!

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