Friday, 2 May 2014

Spring is busting out all over!

Tilly and I walked round the block late this afternoon.  It was such a magnificent light, clear, brilliant and the colours in the surrounding fields were positively zinging - with a capital 'Z'.  There are two rapeseed fields in full bloom along the lane.  I have been waiting for the time when they would both be in bloom, knowing it was going to be quite something on a bright sunny day.  There is yellow everywhere!  

I love dandelions.  They are one of the first flowers you learn about when you are very young, loving to blow the dandelion clock.
The leaf buds on the ash hedging are still resolutely shut .  Although the plants are not yet dressed they still seem to be up for a party - they look to me as though they are in a carnival procession!
I love the colour yellow but I have to admit that I find these fields of rapeseed to be painfully bright, the dayglo yellow jarring with the subtle colours of the countryside.  Looked at individually the flowers don't seem so bright, really quite pretty, but en masse they create brash blocks of colour which are a bit too much for me!  
My camera has a mind of its own and can take photos all by itself.  It took this one and I was going to dump it but then I thought it's crazy angle suited the zany yellow crop!
I think that's enough yellow for one season.  Here is the delectable blossom of the wild crab apple tree.  This tree will eventually have tiny little yellow apples but by the time they come along I will have recovered from the overdose of yellow.  Today the delicious smelling blossom was receiving careful attention from a large buzzing bumblebee.  
And finally this afternoon, the moment I wait for every year.  The first few flowers of hawthorn, the May blossom.  Spring is well under way now and I'm loving it!

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