Monday, 23 June 2014

Dreamworks Animation

It's been a cold and windy day in Melbourne today.  It is mid-winter so no surprise!  I took the train into the centre of the city and scuttled quickly across the road from Flinders Street Station to the ACMI exhibition space in Federation Square, which was showing Dreamworks Animation.  
It was a delightful exhibition from Dreamworks charting all the processes involved in the production of a present day animated film.  It's all a long way from the original hand-drawn cartoons, although there is still a lot of initial drawing and sculpting of the characters, until they emerge as rounded and believable individuals, human or animal!  Then the computers take over with the quite extraordinary results that we all flock to see at the cinema.
 Can you spot Gromit in Wallace's greenhouse?
I turned my hand to creating waves!  How could I resist?  My efforts didn't last long because I began to feel seasick!!!!
To help with realistic movement, the animators work with film of actors enacting the part.
I took a ride on the back of a dragon!  Glad I sat down otherwise I think I would have fallen off/over!
 There was an interesting insight into how characters were defined by using colour.
It was great fun.  I spent a couple of hours walking round with a smile on my face!  

So now I am going to get back to the real world and watching some of Day One of Wimbledon!  

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