Sunday, 1 June 2014

An interesting journey

Last September I began a one day (a week) painting and drawing course at the Leith School of Art (see my post  The academic year is nearly over and I have reached the point where I have to write a few words to sit alongside a piece of my work, which will appear in the end of year show in mid-June. I won't be there to enjoy the exhibition as I will be in Australia, visiting my son and his family, but the statement I must put together is a really important part of the whole process.  I think it must encapsulate, in relatively few words, what the year has yielded in terms of my initial ambition and ultimate achievement.

We started off the year, last September, by spending time in Port Seton.  The brooding presence of the two chimneys of Cockenzie Power Station featured in a lot of work.  Some fellow students are still working on those images.  This is my piece.  Looking at it now I can see how much I have learnt since then.  It's looking pretty rough!
We also went to the Museum of Scotland which is full of treasures and wondrous things to draw, but I became hijacked by one of the lobbies!  Overall I spent several days in this lobby and at the art school, resulting in a few pictures of various sizes.  However, the one I like the most is the first one, which I did in pastel, in my sketchbook.
During the first half of the Spring term I had artist's block.  Nothing gelled and ideas were not forthcoming, so I drew a cabbage, and then at home some garlic and various other ingredients which I thought might make a good minestrone.  
Then my Monday art class tutor took our group to the museum again.  I avoided the lobbies this time!  I went and spent some time with the Egyptian pots.  They became my salvation.  The display cabinets provided lighting which was constant, quiet, casting beautiful shadows and I have been fiddling around with the pots ever since.  I work from very grainy photographs which give just enough information, but not enough to be dictatorial.  
The drawing below is work in progress.  The photograph to the left is A4, so this piece is a mega departure for me.  I have never worked on anything this size so it is quite an adventure.  I am looking forward to getting back to it later this week, and I will let you know how I get on after that!

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