Saturday, 26 July 2014

High in the blue above

Today I took Tilly for our first walk round the block since I got home.  The early morning haar was in, wetting every blade of grass, leaf and cobweb.  I could hear the water dripping off the trees and visibility was hopeless.
Aren't plants amazing?  The roadside verge below has recovered from its repeated blitzing during June.  When I left for Australia there was just a strip of chewed up wayside plants and grasses.  
By mid-morning the haar had been burnt away by the hot sunshine.  It has been the East Fortune Air Show today.  The airfield is about three fields away and rather than cough up £20 a ticket we took ourselves to a good vantage point, looking across the valley to watch one of the highlights of the day.  Bang on 1.15 pm the Red Arrows tore across the skies from the Edinburgh direction and then proceeded to zoom and scream around for the best part of 15 or 20 minutes. They were breathtaking.  
 And then they were gone!
Later in the afternoon the air was torn apart by the display given by the RAF's Typhoon combat aircraft.  I shut all the animals in the house because, when the plane came overhead last year, the noise it made was so loud and unexpected that I thought the end of the world had come.  Even Mr Gaucho, who is profoundly deaf, heard it.  This year's display was awesome.  The aircraft swooped and climbed high in the sky, its burners visible as it screamed away from us.  We stood in the garden and watched it through the trees and then as it soared high above.  It was quite terrifying and breathtaking all at once.  It's been a thrilling day!

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