Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Zoo time!

We went to Melbourne Zoo the other day!  
What a great place.  I really enjoyed the visit.  I am not normally that keen on zoos.  I don't like to see animals in unnatural surroundings and cooped up, but this zoo had very sympathetic enclosures for the animals, and none of them looking unduly fed up.

We started with the lemurs who were very welcoming to the sun, when it came out.  They just opened up their arms and sat back, feeling the sun's warmth on their tummies.  Very endearing! We were able to walk through their enclosure which was fun. You could see at close hand how beautiful, soft and furry they are.  And their tails are magnificent, Davy Crockett would have been envious of those!
I don't need to posts loads of photos of the animals we saw.  What I particularly enjoyed was the paraphernalia the zoo had imported to make the surroundings authentic, particularly around the elephant enclosure.  So here's a selection of photos from our visit, the ones I liked best.
 My little Melbourne girlie in awe of the enormous elephants!
 Cheeky sparrows lined up on the top of the signpost.
 Elephant paintings!  Ones I would be proud of, and certainly their terrific use of colour!
 An old log with an evil eye.
 This bit of glasswork is part of the entrance to the butterfly house 
which was just full of fluttering beauties, some the size of birds.
 As always, the orang-utans were good value, especially this baby
and could this be an indulgent grandparent?
The slippery customer in the next photo is a duckbill platypus.  An elusive character to say the very least!  I stood for ages trying to capture a photograph but the little blighter moved too fast. This is the best I could do, the family got tired of waiting!
My continuing unfamiliarity with the wonderful workings of my camera prevented me from taking a sharp photograph of this amazing lion.  The netting between him and me was a blessing, of course, but not when it came to trying to focus on the lion's awesome face.  He was roaring, a lot, much to the wonder of my granddaughter!  It was a scary sound.  And then he took up the refrain with another lion.  That really was the call of the wild!
I have seen a couple of wild kangaroos on this trip, but sadly no koala bear.  I would love to see one sitting happily in the crook of a tree.  Apparently they fall out of trees a lot.  They fall asleep, as demonstrated below, and then ….. drop off.  With all due respect, I would call that a slight design fault.
And finally, my granddaughter, giving a peacock a run for its money.
We were at the zoo for about three hours and still didn't cover everything.  I look forward to a return trip next time we are here.  

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