Wednesday, 15 October 2014

BBC Ten Pieces

I find myself listening to Radio 3 more and more.  To keep in touch, I check out the world on the Today programme in the morning, but by and large Radio 3 is my favoured destination these days.  It's not just as an escape from an increasingly distressing world, but a place to learn a lot.  And I love music.  It's a very diverse radio station and I thoroughly enjoy my Radio 3 interludes (except for opera - no thanks, sorry).  

Over the past couple of weeks the BBC has been promoting its Ten Pieces initiative.  It has created a 50 minute film for primary school children, introducing them to ten outstanding, descriptive pieces of classical music.  The film is available for us all to see on BBC iPlayer (  They have also got Ten Pieces ambassadors and on Saturday afternoon the Welsh harpist, Catrin Finch, introduced a programme of wonderful pieces.  There was even a piece by my favourite combination of Jan Gabarek and the Hillard Ensemble.  Following that she played another blissful combination - music performed by herself together with kora player, Seckou Keita, from Mali.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  I was so blown away by the sound I instantly  found their CD, Clychau Dibon, and bought it online.  It arrived yesterday.  It's playing now, and has been ever since I unwrapped it.   You can hear a taster on Saturday Classics, which is still on iPlayer for a few more days.  It's 1 hour and 26 minutes into the programme, unless you would like to hear the Jan Gabarek track before that, in which case it's 1 hour 21 minutes in.  It's unmissable.  Just press play ….. and relax.


  1. I'm now playing Future Strings and Bamba after a fraught bedtime and can feel myself visibly relaxing and mellowing out again - pure bliss. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I also find a pianist called Yanni just wonderful to listen to, ignore the dodgy 80s hair and moustache combo and try this -

    1. I've just had a little dip into Yanni's youtube clip! Thank you very much - good and relaxing too! x