Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A wedding weekend

I've got a bit of catching up to do.  The last three weeks have passed by in a total blur.  Happy arrivals from Australia, mad scramble in a party of ten (5 children, 5 adults and Ryanair) to Palma, Majorca for a long weekend to celebrate my youngest son's wedding to his lovely lady.  And then, in a trice, the longed-for visitors from Melbourne were gone again, and back down under.  How could a fortnight go so quickly?  It's taken me a good week to start to touch the edges of normal life again.

The jaunt to Majorca was wonderful.  The wedding was magical.  Ryanair wasn't.  But we got there and back safely, so that's the most important thing.  The constant head-counting of children was a significant feature of the weekend, but we stayed in a great, family hotel in Port de Soller, and with so many family and friends all in one place, a successful weekend was guaranteed.

Here are some photos from our wonderful, happy, and memorable Majorcan wedding weekend.  

Here we are, my little Aussie granddaughter and I, waving to you from Port de Soller.  
Port de Soller is lovely seaside town, with a good beach, lots of cafes along the seafront, a tram which takes you inland a little way to Soller, or just along the front for a jaunt.  
There are lots of cafes, good tapas, 
and local seafood for both man
 and beast!
 Beautiful, sun-loving flowers, of course.
Further down the coast we visited a cafe in a little rocky cove, which was built into the rock face.  
On the first evening my brother and I had a catch up, strolling along the front at Port de Soller, looking at the boats.
There were fishing boats
 super yachts.  This is the Salperton
which couldn't have been more luxurious if it had tried - 
There were also superstars - Hugh Laurie here, filming a new series set in Palma, for the BBC.
A lovely old boat which had made its way from south Devon, which was rather more my cup of tea than the fabulously expensive boats.  Having said that, I have no wish to be on the water, just looking is fine by me! 
This one only appealed because of its name.  We lived, for a short time, on the Bahamian out island of Abaco back in the 1970s.
On the wedding day we had to endure a half hour taxi drive to the venue.  Spectacular scenery, but a twisting and swooping road along the coast which made most of us feel distinctly car sick!
But the journey was worth it.  How's this for a wedding venue?  Probably the most romantic place I have ever been!  The wedding was everything my son and his new wife had dreamt it would be.
On the last day, lunch in the sun, while the thunder rumbled in the distance.  Time to go home!


  1. Stunning. Loved every one. Much love to you, dear Mrs Gaucho. XXX

  2. Wow what a great place, I'm so glad everything went well on the day for the wedding and having a family holiday all together is just so special. Antonia x

  3. Hi Antonia! Lovely to hear from you! I've missed you, but imagine that you will have been very busy with family, summer, sandy shoes, and all that stuff! We had an amazing time in Majorca! And also time spent with my son and the little one from Melbourne was wonderful - all over too soon :o( A x

  4. We have family from Australia staying with us for three months over the summer, which is just lovely (not sure if I mentioned that before). Today they visited the famous Poldark mine after watching the TV series and on Friday we'll be taking them for breakfast at Potager Garden near Constantine. Have a look at the website, it's just beautiful. The blog has taken a back seat but I'm always happy that I can drop by and see what you are up to. Looks like there is a lot to catch up on! Scotland is looking stunning.
    Antonia x

    1. Hi Antonia, lovely to hear from you! A three month stay is quite an undertaking on your part! I hope you are not completely frazzled by the time the summer is over! Lots of meals, washing, and all that stuff! But lots of fun at the same time, so I am sure you will be enjoying yourselves too! I will look at the Potager Garden, sounds interesting! I hope you are getting a chance to watch a bit of Wimbledon amidst everything else! Cracking ladies semi-final today (the one with the Spanish girl, not the other two grunters!!!). Come back soon! Love, A