Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Not looking forward to the next bit

There has been a lull in proceedings on the running wave.  We have had our son here from Australia, with his little girl, and last weekend we all shipped out to Majorca for my younger son's wedding.  More of all that later.  In the meantime, all I want to know is, who is going to be my walking companion once the little lady from Melbourne goes home on Thursday.  It's going to be very tough indeed.
Even an ice cream isn't going to taste so good, without her alongside.


  1. A very precious and gorgeous little girl. She is utterly natural and beautiful. I hope you are okay. Sad to say goodbye. Thinking of you xxx

  2. Oh my word! That could be my little granddaughter, both front and back views. She has this little hop in her walk and would also be concentrating on getting that ice cream out of the tub. Non-stop chattering and questions - a wonderful companion indeed. I know exactly how you will be feeling when she returns home. Can you keep in touch with Skype? It's not the same as hugging and kissing, but at least you would see her growing up. She looks adorable. (((((Big HUG)))))

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Spot on! We do have Skype and I look forward to seeing her, and my son, on Sunday morning, probably! Currently the flight tracker says they are heading out over Holland, en route for Melbourne. Many hours of flying ahead of them, but you can't get to the other side of the world in a twinkle - unfortunately!