Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Down under again!

In Edinburgh at 9 am on Easter Monday morning, and by 7 pm, local time, on Tuesday my eldest granddaughter and I have journeyed to Melbourne, passing a few good skyscapes on the way.

Leaving the UK
coming in to Abu Dhabi
and approaching Melbourne.
Here's the reception committee in Abu Dhabi airport.
And one of the main reasons for the trip - bringing two cousins together again for three weeks.  Here they are, little and large, on a trip to the play park this afternoon!  They had several go's on everything
formed the letters of the alphabet with sticks,
 and generally chilled out.
And while they were doing that, I found a gum tree with rather colourful bark.


  1. Love the plaits - it's a cousin thing, obviously! DX

    1. Yes, think it must be!!! So lovely to see them together. Hitting the shops today - holiday money burning a hole in the young holidaymaker's pocket!! A x

  2. Fabulous...capturing all the beautiful people...gorgeous girlies and beautiful art in the