Saturday, 17 December 2016

Message of thanks!

Blogger has recently changed the format of things, and I have only just worked out how to find your comments!  So apologies to those who have left messages, especially in response to the group hug!  I only found your lovely messages a few minutes ago and they are all so much appreciated.  Thank you very much.

Tilly is back from the animal hospital now.  I have to say that it was quite a shock and upsetting when I first saw her.  Her poor head looks a bit like something out of the Lord of the Rings - those awful naked Orc creatures, who are usually up to no good.  She has, however, retained the auditory canal and her hearing on that side, so that is a blessing.  Hopefully the lab, who will be examining the tumour, will think that enough margins have been taken, and she won't have to go back and have further surgery.  She is in remarkably good spirits.  Back to her old self in every other respect, so that is wonderful.  Once her fur grows back and the plastic lampshade she has on her head can come off (about 5 weeks time), she will be almost as good as new, just minus an ear flap.  

Thank you again for your thoughtful messages.

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  1. Good she has come good - being home 🏡 is the best! No place like home! Xx