Friday, 24 February 2017

Dastardly Doris

Doris, an ordinary, rather dumpy name to choose for a storm, but Doris turned out to be demonically dangerous and damaging.  The photo above, showing snow on the Pentland Hills, is as close as we got to Storm Doris, thank goodness.  A bit of a damp squib, here, in the end.  And this morning dawned clear and sunny so I had a little jaunt to North Berwick.  I caught the bus and enjoyed the trip, along the coast and through the pretty villages of Aberlady and Dirleton.  From the bus's high-up vantage point I could see over walls and into woods and gardens, where the snowdrops are abundant, and fields with dozens of curlew, poking about for worms with their lovely long curved beaks.  
The parkland areas of North Berwick are looking springlike too.  Crocuses, and even a few unseasonably early, slightly moth-eaten primroses, braving a north facing slope.
I did a little food shopping and then walked back into the town centre, via Melbourne Road, where we stayed for a couple of months last autumn, and in the distance the deck of the Seabird Centre beckoned.  It was bathed in sunshine, and the waves were rolling in, so how could I resist!  They have a good little cafe there.
After I demolished a fruit scone and mug of hot chocolate, I walked on past my favourite washing line (snow on the hills of Fife in the distance), bought a good granary loaf for weekend breakfasts, and caught the bus home.  It couldn't have been a better outing.


  1. That scone looks wonderful it's making me hungry. Love the washing line :)

    1. It was a particularly good scone. And that's my favourite washing line and probably the most photographed washing line in the world!!

  2. Good to hear that Doris stayed away from you; at the opposite end of the country, here in Cornwall, Doris was a bit more ferocious; trees blown down, fences demolished, roof tiles removed, etc. But I was lucky and merely had to put my dustbin and patio chairs back in place.
    My word, you'd need sturdy pegs for that washing line - is there a cottage just behind it?

    1. All in favour of Doris staying as far away from us as possible! The washing line in North Berwick is on the edge of a quayside with a little run of cottages set well back from the sea! It faces due west, looking across North Berwick's west beach. NB is a lovely little town. Well worth a visit if you ever travel north! A

  3. Doris is rather a pathetic name for a storm! The only Doris I ever liked was Doris Day!
    Your trip looked marvellous and I wish I could have done the jolly jaunt with you!
    Scones looked yummy!
    Snowdrops look good too! So pretty!
    Jolly times! Xx