Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Kelpies

My grandchildren were on half term last week.  We took a trip out to the see The Kelpies, two gigantic sculptures by Andy Scott, which stand 30 metres high, and were sited alongside the M9 in 2013.  I have passed them a few times, and last week finally found an ideal opportunity to go and see them, up close.  We did The Kelpies Tour, which was very worthwhile, and it also gave us the opportunity to go inside one of the horses's heads.  Lots more information about The Kelpies is to be found here and if you are visiting Scotland, don't miss them.  They are rather wonderful.


  1. Awesome, you must be very proud to have such a fantastic sculpture in Scotland - lucky you! x

  2. I saw a programme all about The Kelpies recently and found the whole thing really interesting. Great to see close up photos of all the individual pieces of metal. Brilliant xx

  3. Thank you both for your comments. It was a very good day out with the children, and The Kelpies were impressive! The play area at The Helix, which is part and parcel of the same place, was also really good. Almost up to Australian playground standards!!! The kids loved it all!