Sunday, 26 March 2017


Wall to wall sunshine yesterday, and all that lovely warmth and balminess brought the world and his wife out to greet the day, including us!  We spent the day with longstanding friends, who are visiting Edinburgh for a few days, and with such wonderful weather, North Berwick seemed like the place to be.  
I have never seen the town so busy, even in high summer, but we managed to park the car, and have a wander by the east beach, and around the edge of the park.  It was a real treat to be out in the sunshine without being bundled up against the cold and strong winds.  All the seaside stuff had come out of hibernation - fishing nets, sailing dinghies, and most important of all, the ice cream vans!  


  1. Hasn't it been a gorgeous couple of days? Such a wonderful change from the constant rain and biting winds. These are beautiful photos (as usual) and lovely to look back on to remind you of your day out.
    I spent lots of time in the garden - not exactly working hard! - but read my book, sitting in the sunshine. Bliss!

    1. Yes, more lovely sunshine today. We actually sat in the garden and had the door into the house open all afternoon. The key to all that - NO WIND!!! Fabulous sunset too. A good weekend!

  2. Seaside and nets and spring! Near perfection! Lovely x