Friday, 14 July 2017

Last Australian post

I've seen quite an array of Australian wildlife during this trip.  None of it in the wild, unfortunately, but during a trip to an animal sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo.  
Could this koala be more cuddly - or Australian!
And after a feed of gum leaves, a snooze in a convenient tree.  Koalas are known to frequently fall out of trees during a kip!
Here is a tawny frogmouth owl.  Quite a creepy looking bird, with his triangular shaped eyes!
Below, the dingo - Australia's largest terrestrial predator, although this one looked pretty innocuous!
Mary the wombat.  Seems cuddly, loves chopped veg, but look at those claws!
My granddaughter had a happy time feeding wallabies, a duck who was keen to get in on the act, and even a kangaroo which stood considerably taller than her at full stretch!
 This is the only truly wild creature amongst this collection - an Eastern yellow robin.
Below, a bush-stone curlew, which looks quite different to our curlews at home.
Although obviously not a local, I have to include the orang-utan because he was my granddaughter's favourite at the zoo.  
And finally, a kindly looking pelican!

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