Friday, 27 October 2017

An Autumn afternoon

Mr Gaucho was meeting a contractor on site this afternoon, at the home of an old neighbour of ours, so the dogs and I had the opportunity to walk round our favourite field.  It is just further down the drive from where we lived in the wood.  The sad part of the afternoon was having to pass our old home, and to see the soulless place it has become.  My lovely flowerbeds, full of delicious smelling rugosa and old fashioned roses, along with other plants I love, have all been dug up.  The little hawthorn tree my eldest son gave me for my 60th birthday has gone, and the garden looks naked and suburban. It is no longer a rather rambling but lovely country garden.  To add insult to injury, the house has been adorned with bits of twee tat.  Totally out of place in those surroundings, and such a shame.

Anyway, moving on swiftly to more important and better things, the field was as lovely as ever, and the dogs really enjoyed all the smells they found.
We then went to North Berwick to give the dogs a walk on the beach.  On the way we passed some headless, but colourful, men - having a little pre-Halloween boogy in the fields!
Ted is beginning to resemble Chewbacca from Star Wars, as his coat is in desperate need of a stripping, but we rather like him looking shaggy.  I take him down to the Borders, to his breeder, who enjoys keeping in touch with one of their pups, and making a date to do that is at the top of my list of things to do!
Tilly, the old girl, enjoyed her afternoon walks, and is now having a little post-supper snooze.


  1. Such a shame about your old home! It used to look so beautiful... people's taste vary or unfortunately some just don't have any!
    Your walks look fab and North Berwick law v inviting...
    Tills look rather grey but she is aging v gracefully! Ted will get a lead role in the next mega Star Wars movie!
    Have fun x

    1. Yes, Tills is quite the grand dame these days! Dear almost-old thing. Hopefully she still has a good few years yet though! She is fit and fine, not carrying any extra weight which, at her age, is good, and runs as fast as Ted when she feels so inclined!!