Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Annual reccy

Wherever we have lived, I have always kept a close eye on the local holly trees!  Once they have produced their new crop of berries, I make a mental note of which trees are looking abundant, and which appear to be a bit sparse.  All this, of course, is with Christmas in mind!  Since we left Edinburgh, I do have a favourite holly tree which I return to each year.  I went to check up on it yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, it is not looking very promising, berry-wise, but there are other trees I have earmarked to avoid a dearth of holly at Christmas time (which is not an option!) 
Once we had checked on the tree, the dogs and I enjoyed a walk around familiar fields with much loved views.  
I think the beech tree gives the best of autumn colour.  Glorious rich colours which make the countryside glow.
We walked along this lovely grassy path, with crunchy ginger biscuit coloured leaves on either side, and then back up the hill to the car.  A very enjoyable sunny, autumn walk.


  1. Great colours and structure. We have a very bright moon tonight for hallowe’en! x

  2. How nice to be looking out for decent holly! Mum always got her hoard for Withies hallway from a secret holly bush in Chawton Park Wood!
    Happy holly hunting! X