Sunday, 5 November 2017

Weekend walks

More golden days!  We have had a great weekend of clear blue skies, lovely sunshine, and late yesterday afternoon an absolutely massive orange moon emerged in the darkening eastern skies.  It was quite a sight to behold!

On Saturday, the dogs and I walked along two sides of a huge field, which was playing host to some swans.  Their number will swell over the coming weeks, and they will stay here, to overwinter well into next year.  They were slightly flustered when we appeared on the edge of the field, a few stretching up and flexing their wings, just to show us whose field it was!  We kept well clear, skirting around the edge, and enjoying the views across to the Lammermuirs in the south.
Does anyone remember the opening sequence to the children's programme Ballamory?  Do you remember Archie's pink castle?  Well, Fenton Tower, below, is Archie's castle, painted pink for the programme, but usually a soft yellow ochre.  It looks rather more vivid here because of the golden light.
Today we walked along a short stretch of the estuary, where the River Tyne (nothing to do with Newcastle) comes out into the bay, just to the west of Dunbar.  It's one of my favourite places to walk, and today we were in luck because there were a few curlew, pecking around in a field of winter wheat.
 And then home for a quiet sit by the fire!


  1. Lucky you to see curlews! We’ve been enjoying a dry autumn too let’s hope it lasts x

    1. I love curlews, and the wild sound they make. We've got them near the house too, I could hear them yesterday when I was gardening! Very lucky indeed. Hope all is well with you down in sunny Cornwall! A x

  2. Balamory! I remember that! Just googled it to remind me! Tower looks better in your photos! Fab walks and the fire so inviting!
    Warm lovely home! Wonderful xx

  3. I love Curlews too - haven't seen any for more than 50 years. Sandy Shoes - where in Cornwall do you live> I'm in East Cornwall, near to Liskeard, and we've had endless rain for months - feels like years! Lawns growing at the speed of light and not enough dry days to mow them.