Monday, 15 January 2018

Just a suggestion

Here's an option for a cold windy Monday afternoon - if you are short of something to do!
 Edinburgh Castle in the background
Personally, I was quite happy to keep walking and leave them to it!  


  1. Good grief was that person completely mad? Must have had a very thick wet suit on and taken some nutty pills.
    Hope you are all keeping well? x Great photos as ever.

    1. There were two of them, and I have to say they seemed to spend most of their time in the water rather than screaming across it! Probably enjoyed themselves anyway, and the sun was shining so why not!! We have snow now - hooray! Not much, but better than none at all! A xx

  2. Brrrr! That water looks soooo cold, cold, cold and even with a wetsuit on, you wouldn't entice me in there. However, the bright colours added to your winter photographs and they seem to be enjoying themselves, so thank you, mad people!!