Sunday, 21 January 2018

Marmalade time!

I enjoy making jams and jellies, and I especially enjoy marmalade time, because it's specifically a New Year thing.  No shilly shallying about.  If I miss the Seville oranges in the shops, then that's it, until next year.  Unless of course I resort to buying tins of prepared marmalade oranges, and I wouldn't dream of doing that!

This year I have been more ambitious than usual and made three different sorts of marmalade. Dundee - as always, three fruit (grapefruit, orange and lemon), and for the second year running, Sarah Raven's dark dark marmalade, made entirely with dark muscovado sugar. It's a bit of a faff but more than worth the effort, producing a deep treacly preserve, with a distinct flavour.  It's really very good, very rich, and worth seeking out the recipe.


  1. Ooh delicious, I love marmalade and get through tons of it! I've never made it before but I know where to find the recipes when I do. It's also great to see lovely bright colours at this time of year. I've already got the daffodils out at home, they appear so early in Cornwall that it seems a shame to wait until March to display them x

    1. I've just finished making the 3 fruit marmalade. It's made over a 24 hour period because you have to cut up the fruit and soak it for a day before cooking it. I followed the recipe to the letter, but it took hours to boil and reach setting point. Not even sure if it has!! Looks good, tastes good, but I've labelled it 'Never again 3 fruit marmalade 2018' I am sure there will be less laborious recipes to follow another time! You must have a go! Very satisfying once the jars are all full and sitting on a shelf waiting for breakfast! A xx